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iDryfire Laser Target System

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About Company: iDryfire™ laser target system is brought to you by the developer of iMarksman® Virtual Target System for Marksmanship and Use of Force training.
Clients: Federal Air Marshals PTU FBI Academy United States Army Army of Spain Law Enforcement Agencies and security companies around the world.
The Patent Pending iDryfire™ Laser Target System is the new, safe and convenient way to practice with your own firearms before entering the shooting range.
How does it work?
iDryfire™ Laser Target System - SAFETY AND RESPONSIBILITY FIRST!
Choose any paper target or object. For best performance use a background with no glare. Point your Smart Device at the target from short distance (2-4 yards) or with additional accessories from 5-7 yard.
If the message on the screen warns you that the background is too bright please choose another background.
- Press the START button - Wait until you hear the droning sound - Shoot at your target - Review your shot placement and reaction time - Save your result and start over Tip: Make sure there is no reflection on or around the target (chrome metal parts, plastic tape and etc.)
As a Dry fire device, you can use any Dry fire barrel insert or cartridge and Laser Simulator Training Handguns or Rifles (Laserlyte, SIRT, Laser Ammo, SureStrike and etc.).
Recommended exercises: - Drawing from the holster -> present the firearm -> dry fire -> re-holster - Drawing from the holster -> present the firearm -> reload -> dry fire -> re-holster.
More information:
- Recommended background: Matte surface on lighted painted wall - Avoid direct light on the target or camera
For any issues please contact us at For available accessories (Zoom Optical Lens, Dry fire laser devices) please visit